A legacy of THREE GENERATIONS in the timber industry

VISTA JARDÍN: committed to environmental sustainability and innovation.

At the heart of VISTA JARDÍN beats a tradition that goes back three generations, rooted in the world of the forestry and wood processing industry. From humble beginnings, our company has evolved and adapted over the years, maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation.

Two years ago decades, a visionary named Javier Brey took the reins of our family business and completely transformed it. Driven by his deep passion for nature and his commitment to environmental sustainability, Brey led the company towards a new horizon: the production of pine bark for decoration, substrates and fertilizers. This strategic change not only proved to be a business success, but also reflected our strong belief in protecting and preserving the natural resources we hold so dear.

Sustainability is not just a value for us.

Sustainability is a core value embedded in every aspect of our business. Javier's passion for nature has become a beacon that guides every decision we make, ensuring that our operations have a positive impact on the planet we share.

As a testimony of our commitment to growth and excellence, we are excited to announce our expansion in 2023, with the inauguration of a new production line in our factory. This investment not only allows us to satisfy the growing demand for our high-quality products, but also consolidates us as leaders in our sector. Constant innovation is our compass, driving us to explore new ways to improve, develop more sustainable products and exceed our customers' expectations.

Ultimately, VISTA JARDÍN is the result of a rich family heritage combined with a bold vision and a deep commitment to sustainability and innovation. We are proud of our past, excited about the present, and eager to build a future where we continue to be industry leaders and passionate protectors of the nature we love.

Discover the process of our products

All VISTA JARDÍN products come from organic and harmless material, matured naturally and without any type of chemical compound.

Obtaining raw materials

Pine bark is obtained mainly from pine trees in the Galician mountains. This species of pinaster pine provides the bark with unique characteristics in terms of its color, composition, durability, texture, structure, size and aroma. It is an organic and harmless product, matured naturally and without any type of chemical compound.

Roughing and cleaning

Once harvested, the bark undergoes a roughing process to remove dirt, stones or other unwanted materials. The softer inner parts of the bark are also removed.

Crust shredding

The bark undergoes a crushing process to reduce it to more manageable sizes. This can be done with specialized machinery that produces bark chips or chips.

Bark drying

To reduce the moisture content of the bark, it is dried. Drying is essential to avoid deterioration problems and to improve the efficiency of subsequent processes.

Sifting and classification

The bark chips are sifted and classified according to their size and quality. This allows the bark to be separated into different categories that can be used for different applications.

Final product

Processed pine bark is used in a wide variety of applications such as Mulch which is the shredded bark used in gardening and landscaping and crop substrate that is It is used as a component in substrates for plant cultivation.

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