that embellish your garden

A legacy of THREE GENERATIONS in the timber industry

At the heart of Vista Jardín beats a tradition that goes back three generations, rooted in the world of the forestry and wood processing industry. From humble beginnings, our company has evolved and adapted over the years, maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation.

REASONS why you should have our products


Our pine bark is sustainably sourced and is a natural material that helps reduce soil erosion and conserve moisture.


In addition to its practical function, pine bark adds an attractive appearance to your garden and reduces the proliferation of weeds.


Pine bark acts as a thermal insulator, protecting the roots of your plants from extreme temperatures in both summer and winter.


Our substrates and fertilizers based on pine bark provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

VISTA JARDÍN is synonymous with HIGH QUALITY

We are proud to highlight that we have a series of quality seals and certificates that support our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. These prestigious recognitions include:

RHP seal

This seal represents our commitment to quality and efficiency in all our processes and products. RHP certification is a symbol of our focus on continuous improvement and operational excellence.

ECAS Certification

The ECAS certification demonstrates our compliance with international quality regulations and standards. This guarantees that our products and services meet the highest levels of quality and safety.

APCER Certificate

Our company has been awarded the APCER certificate, which reflects our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. This certificate validates our dedication to ethical and environmentally friendly business practices.

APCER Certification

It has a Chain of Custody Control System for Forest Products in its individual modality: transformation and marketing of certified pine bark, in accordance with the requirements for the use of the "x % PEFC Certified" declaration, of the Reference Document: PEFC ST 2002:2013.

FSC Certificate 2022

VISTA JARDÍN has implemented an FSC® chain of custody system that meets the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council®, established in the FSC STD 40-004 V3-1 standards for the scope of the transformation and commercialization of FSC certified pine bark.